Dependable and Efficient
We believe quality and service isn't everything, "it's the only thing"

AIMES has built a national service-oriented organization to assure Quick and effective management of each case.

Relying upon our national experience with health care delivery systems, our staff is unique in its ability to expedite every aspect of a case.   Whether scheduling appointments and examinations, obtaining medical records, or tracking results and following up as required by ongoing conditions, our approach is personal, direct and complete.  

We work within strict guidelines and criteria for services to assure we are thorough and  confidential. The work of staff members and affiliated professionals is overseen by a team of medical advisors.

The consistent Quality of our work has established our reputation for reliability.
Responsive and Objective
We promise only what we can deliver and "we deliver more than we promise"  

We are committed to the truth, to obtaining facts and demonstrable proofs of an individual's medical condition. Our experience has taught us that the quickest way to get an objective analysis is through experts.  

We obtain all medical records for each case to assure accuracy. We schedule with the most appropriate specialists or teams of sub-specialists to ensure the delivery of correct diagnostic studies, recommendations for future treatments, or determinations on fitness for work.  

Key to achieving this result is our ability to consistently match the right specialist with an individual's condition and then promptly deliver an analysis.

The Bottom line is ....Client Satisfaction!
Cost Containment
  • Timely and efficient
  • Referrals are scheduled within 2 days
  • The claimant, attorney and client are all notified regarding the appointment scheduled.
  • The appointment is confirmed with the claimant prior to the examination.
  • After thorough review, objective and defensible medical reports are submitted within 7-10 days after the examination.
  • Verbal and rush reports are available upon request.
  • Bilingual interpreting of exams.
  • Laboratory testing.
  • Review of X-rays and Diagnostic testing.